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Summary Xandros is a Linux build specifically for the desktop, with a GUI installer. It uses the Debian core. They also now offer two Server versions for corporate deployment.
News 21-Jun-2006 Version 4 Home Released
8-Dec-2004 Version 3 Released
16-Mar-2004 Desktop & OS shipping
9-Dec-2003 Version 2.0 announced
28-Jan-2003 Version 1.0 released
1-Jan-2002 Corel Linux links now point to Xandros
29-Aug-2001 Xandros Announces Strategic Licensing Agreement with Corel Corporation
Product Xandros Workstation Standard
Processor Any Pentium or better, 450 MHz Pentium II CPU or better recommended
RAM 128 MB, 256 MB recommended
Drive space 1.5 GB, 3 GB recommended
Drives Hard drive, Bootable CDROM
Video VGA or better
File systems Ext3, NFTS (read/write), others
Compatibility Linux programs
DOS programs (most)
Interface GUI support included with built in desktop.
Installation Can be installed on primary or logical partitions, any drive
Variants Xandros Home Edition (v2 & v3 only)
Xandros Home Edition Premium
Xandros Professional
Xandros Desktop
Xandros Server
Xandros Deployment Management Server
Versions 1.0 Jan-2003
2.0 Dec-2003
3.0 Dec-2004
4.0 Jun-2006
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Publisher Xandros Corporation
600-1410 Blair Place
Ottawa, ON K1J 9B9

Phone 613-842-2494
Web www.xandros.com
Support 30-90 days depending on version
Alternatives Other Linuxes, Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7, Solaris
Secrets Command Line Windows/DOS equivalents
Pricing Xandros Desktop Professional V4 - $99.99
Xandros Server Edition - $449.99 (up to 4 processors, includes 5 premium user licenses)
Xandros Deployment Management Server - $495.00

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