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We made the following screen shots from the released Vista, Ultimate Edition (not a beta). Click on any screen to view the full-size screen shot.
Windows Vista Desktop Main Desktop after installation, with default sidebar and icons.
Windows Vista Desktop with Applications Here is the desktop with several applications open showing the Areo style translucency. Vista Home Basic does not provide the Areo style interface.
Windows Vista Explorer The new Explorer has a number of improvements. It now offers an Internet Explorer style search, CD/DVD burning, and different views (see next slides). It also focuses on your content rather than disk layouts.
Windows Vista Explorer details Here we look at the file details view in Explorer. Notice the new rating's column, which requires that someone has previously rated the files.
Windows Vista Explorer Audio Audio files automatically show relevant information such as title and artist.
Windows Vista Explorer photos Lastly, we see Explorer's view of photos. The thumbnail size is fully adjustable, a nice touch.
Windows Vista My Computer My Computer is a variant of Explorer, showing the various hardware drives along with the used and free space in each drive. You can also go directly to the add/remove programs menu from here.
Windows Vista Advanced Search Advanced search let's you locate files by type, dates, file-size and other constraints. The design is nice improvement over prior Windows search functions.
Windows Vista Basic information The basic information now includes a performance rating, based on the lowest performing hardware item. You'll also see the activation status. Note that unlike Windows XP, all versions including enterprise require activation.
Windows Vista Security Center The Security Center lets you control the firewall, Windows Defender Anti-Spam and see the status of Anti-Virus (although it still fails to detect many Anti-Virus products). Automatic updating is also controlled here and is on by default.
Windows Vista Performance Tool The Performance tool is new for Vista and shows the components and ratings for each component. Note that the base score is based from the worst item in the list. The ratings are on a scale of 1-6.
Windows Vista Task Manager Even task manager has been improved, with more information about each running task.
Windows Vista Network Center The Network Center has been redesigned to include a number of items that were previously scattered in different places along with a graphical representation on what is working (or not).
Windows Vista Solitare Game Of course, Vista ships with a number of games. The old Solitaire gets a refresh as shown here.
Windows Vista Purble Place Game One of the new games for preschoolers is Purble Place.
Windows Vista Interent Explorer 7

Windows Vista also includes the new Internet Explorer 7. This is a big improvement over IE6, but it's also available for free to Windows XP users and is included in Windows XP automatic updates.


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